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Invite and manage Members

LiveEdit is a collaborative tool and lets you share your project with other members so you can work together safely. You can invite in your project as many members as you wish without limitation.

As in any shared project, a good understanding of Roles and access Permissions is essential so that you can use the collaborative mode with confidence.


Every user in a project has a Role. This defines its scope of action in terms of modification power. LiveEdit provides you with 5 roles displayed from the most restrictive to the most permissive.

  • View only
    Gives read-only access to the project. Changes are not saved.
  • Reviewer
    Same as View only but with the ability to post comments in the Reviews workspace.
  • Editor
    Allows editing in existing scenes and importing media into the pool.
  • Supervisor
    Allows you to create, edit, modify and delete any element of the project (scenes, playlists, media, settings).
  • Admin
    Identical to Supervisor but adds the management of Members in the project (adding and deleting a member as well as modifying access).


LiveEdit allows you to refine the scope of action of a Member or a Group by defining Permissions by track type. Permissions are very powerful and allow you to adjust your members' access permissions in a precise and secure way.

For each member of your project you can define what he has access to and how he has access to it. You therefore have complete control over access security.

There are 5 permission types. They are displayed in order from the most restrictive to the most permissive and are defined by track type.

  • No permission
    The track is not displayed in the scene.
  • View
    The track is visible without being editable.
  • Edit
    The content of the track is editable.
  • Manage
    It is possible to edit the track as well as create new ones of the same type
  • Full permissions
    Without any access restrictions and allows to delete the tracks.


Groups allow you to apply a Role and Permissions to several members at the same time. They are very convenient because instead of applying the same role and permissions to multiple members one by one, you can just do it in a Group and drag the members into it.


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