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LiveEdit is a powerful Show Controller for making Live events as qualitative as post produced shows. Imagine, create and focus on creativity, LiveEdit handles everything else.

As any editor software, LiveEdit is timeline based. Just put your events on tracks and edit your scenes as a movie. LiveEdit brings the power of control into the linear world.

LiveEdit timeline

Just describe your shots following the music and make it real by using LiveEdit Producer
on production day to let the magic happen.

LiveEdit controls every detail to concretize your creativity into a magic live tv sequence

LiveEdit live mode view


From pre-production to show day, LiveEdit is the only one software you’ll use to prepare, create and manage your show from beginning to end. With its user-friendly interface, use it in a wink.


Just imagine what you desire to see during the Live and materialize it on differents types of tracks for cameras, lights, giant screens, effects, pyro and the music.


Thanks to the cloud, share your project with all the members of your creative and production team to get a powerful collaborative work. Several users can work together at the same time on the same timeline allowing quick changes for real-time applications.


Create scenes for each sequence and import music, video clips, rehearsals and any medias. Then imagine your shots and events, put them on the timeline. LiveEdit works with events on a timeline and is WYSIWYG.


Centralize all your projects, playlists and scenes on a unique workspace.

LiveEdit software work area


LiveEdit handles different types of tracks allowing you to control everything through a wide variety of protocols. There is necessarily a track that suits your need.


Share any of your projects by inviting members of your team to join LiveEdit and let them work on your scenes


Import into LiveEdit an unlimited number of medias such as rehearsals, videoclips, giant screens visuals and also audio tracks. LiveEdit manages everything to let other users retrieving them.


Seconds & Bars-Beats

LiveEdit has two modes for music description: Seconds and also Bars & Beats. Thanks to the magnetize option, it's easy to sync events to Bars or Beats.

Song structure track

Create PDF

If you don’t want to use the LiveEdit Producer for letting the automation doing the magic you can print one or all scenes information with several easy reading layouts.

Create PDF

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