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Adding Lyrics to Your Scene

Welcome to the world of LiveEdit, where syncing lyrics to your scene is not just easy, but also fun! Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, this guide will walk you through the steps to add lyrics seamlessly to your project.

Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Starting Off: Import Your Lyrics

  • Copy Your Lyrics: Grab the full lyrics from any text document or website. Don't sweat the small stuff like formatting, blank lines, or anything in [brackets]. LiveEdit's got your back - it'll clean it all up for you!
  • Open Your Scene: Jump into the scene where you want your lyrics to shine. This is where your song starts to come alive.

Activate the Lyrics Track

  • Click to Activate: Find the Lyrics track on your timeline and give the track head a click. This is like flipping the switch to 'on' for your lyrics.
  • Feature Navigator Comes Alive: With your track active, the feature navigator will show you all the tools at your disposal. For the Lyrics track, you'll see a text field and two very important buttons: In and Out.

Let's Get Those Lyrics In

  • Paste Away: Pop your lyrics into the text field. Watch LiveEdit work its magic, stripping away those blank lines and bracketed text.
  • Play and Sync: Hit play and groove along with your song. When it's time for a lyric line to start, click 'In' to mark its beginning on the timeline. Click 'Out' when the line ends. Keyboard wizards, feel free to use the 'i' (In) and 'o' (Out) keys for speed and efficiency.

First Draft - Rough but Ready

  • Lay It All Out: Don't get bogged down by mistakes or fine-tuning yet. Your first task is to get all the lyrics onto the timeline. This gives you a solid base to work from.

The Art of Refinement

  • Second Pass - Precision Time: Now, play back your track and fine-tune. This is where you make those lyrics match perfectly with every beat and note. Adjust the start of text lines or how long they hang around. It's all about making your lyrics dance perfectly with the music.


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