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How to upload Media files to the Production Server

The Production Server, in its max version, features two integrated Media Players, each with a 'Fill' output and a 'Key' output. These are incredibly useful for playing overlays, transitions, or pre-recorded segments. The Media Players can be controlled from any LiveEdit timeline and respond like a classic Media Server. Their strength lies in their Plug & Play nature and rapid response: media uploaded to the Production Server is available for playback within seconds.

Uploading Media to the Production Server

To send media to the Production Server, use an FTP client (such as FileZilla or Cyberduck). Important: If you are on macOS, do not use the built-in macOS server connection, but rather a dedicated FTP application.

  1. Connect to the Production Server using either its IP address or a hostname of the type “Production-Server-SERIAL-NUMBER.local”.
  2. Then, simply drag and drop the file you wish to transfer into the root directory. And that's it.

The Production Server will automatically transcode the media, and it will be available in the Media Player shortly.

  • Most file formats are supported. For certainty, we recommend using the Apple ProRes 422 or 4444 format.
  • Files with a key signal must be delivered encapsulated with the Fill signal and be in 4444.
  • You can play sound from the Media Players. Only stereo channels 1/2 are supported.


LiveEdit Production Server Installation Guide