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Sharing a link to a media

Welcome to LiveEdit Review, designed to enhance your ability to review and collaborate on media projects directly in your web browser. This platform simplifies the process, making it easy for anyone to get involved, regardless of their technical skills.

Why LiveEdit Review is Ideal for Your Projects:

  • Instant Media Access: View any of your medias directly in your browser. Whether you are in the office or working remotely, your projects are readily accessible.
  • Efficient Feedback: Easily leave comments at specific points within the media using timecodes. Organize your feedback with #hashtags for streamlined communication.
  • Secure Sharing: Confidently share your media with password-protected links. Customize link expiration settings for added security and control access as needed.

How to Use LiveEdit Review:

Step 1: Select Your Media

  • Locate Your Media: Your media files are displayed as blue tracks on the timeline. Click on the track header to select the media you want to share. It will expand to indicate it's selected.
  • Access Sharing Options: Check the inspector panel on the top left for various sharing options. If the inspector is not visible, click the small icon at the top left corner to reveal it.

Step 2: Share Your Media

  • Initiate Sharing: Press the Share… button in the inspector to open the dialog box for sharing.
  • Customize Your Link: Immediately upon creation, edit the file name for clarity. Use the Settings button to adjust access permissions, such as enabling comments, setting link expiration, and adding password protection.

Managing Your LiveEdit Review Links

Once you've shared your media using LiveEdit Review, you might want to manage these shares—whether to check the status, modify settings, or temporarily disable a link. Here’s how you can easily manage your existing review links:

  1. Access Share Management: Click on the Share icon, which serves as your hub for all sharing-related activities within a LiveEdit project. This includes managing user access to the project as well as handling links shared outside the project.
  2. Navigate to Review Links: At the top of the panel that opens, click on the Review links category. This will display a list of all the review links you have generated.
  3. Manage Your Links:
  • Activate/Deactivate Links: You can toggle the activation status of each link on the fly, enabling or disabling access as needed.
  • Copy Link: If you need to reshare a link or send it to more people, you can easily copy an existing link.
  • Edit Link Settings: To modify the settings of a link, click on the ellipsis (…) next to the link. From here, you can adjust settings such as expiration, password protection, and comment permissions.

After making any adjustments to a link’s settings, simply close the window. Your changes are saved automatically, ensuring your link settings are always up to date.

Good to know :

  • Online Connection: Ensure you're connected to the internet to generate and manage your Review Link.
  • Plan Details: LiveEdit Review is available with our Production plan. Visit our website for more information on subscriptions.