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What is LiveEdit ?

Enhance your production workflow with LiveEdit

With LiveEdit, you can seamlessly manage, edit, and produce your projects with your team, anywhere in the world 🌍.

LiveEdit is designed for producers and directors who need to organize, edit, and perfect their shows with precision and ease. Our powerful software integrates all the necessary tools to streamline your production process.

Key Features of LiveEdit:

  • Centralized Project Hub: Create projects to store playlists, scenes, media files, and other content, with real-time cloud synchronization.
  • Team Collaboration: Invite unlimited team members, assign individual credentials, and ensure everyone is synchronized.
  • Structured Organization: Use Playlists and Scenes to structure your show, each containing specialized tracks for various tasks like Switcher, Effects, Media Control, Camera Control, Lyrics, and Cues.
  • Media Integration: Add backing audio tracks and visual media, such as choreographies and contents, to your project as foundational elements.
  • Advanced Editing Tools: Utilize our robust toolkit for precise editing of camera angles, lighting cues, pyrotechnic effects, and staging cues, all with frame-level accuracy thanks to timecode support.
  • Seamless Sharing: Use LiveEdit Review Links to distribute media, collect feedback, and streamline collaboration.
  • Rehearsal Recording: Connect to a LiveEdit Producer system to execute your timeline with precision and automatically record all rehearsal sessions for review.
  • Real-Time Production: LiveEdit delivers real-time instructions to your crew and flawlessly executes all planned events, allowing you to focus on the show.

Getting Started with LiveEdit:

  1. Create a Project: Begin your LiveEdit journey by creating a project, your centralized hub for all content.
  2. Invite Team Members: Ensure everyone is on the same page by inviting collaborators and assigning credentials.
  3. Organize Your Show: Structure your project with Playlists and Scenes, each filled with specialized tracks.
  4. Add Media: Incorporate audio and visual media into your project.
  5. Edit Your Scene: Utilize our editing tools to fine-tune every element of your show.
  6. Share Your Work: Use LiveEdit Review Links to distribute media and collect feedback.
  7. Rehearse for Perfection: Execute and record your rehearsals with precision.
  8. Produce Your Masterpiece: Deliver real-time instructions and flawlessly execute your show with LiveEdit.

💡 Ready to transform your production workflow? Start a free trial today and experience the difference with LiveEdit 🙌.


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