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Understanding Member Roles in LiveEdit

When you're ready to start a project in LiveEdit, inviting members to collaborate is essential. It's important to understand the different member roles to manage your team effectively. Here’s a breakdown of the roles in LiveEdit and what each can do:

Member Roles in LiveEdit

View Only

  • Description: Members with View Only access can see the project but can't make any changes. This is perfect for stakeholders or clients who need to stay informed without altering anything.
  • Best For: Stakeholders, clients.


  • Description: Reviewers can view the project and add comments in the Reviews workspace. They cannot make changes to the project itself, but their feedback is invaluable.
  • Best For: Clients, external reviewers.


  • Description: Editors can make changes to existing scenes and import new media. They play a crucial role in shaping the content of the project.
  • Best For: Team members responsible for content creation and updates.


  • Description: Supervisors have full control over the project’s content. They can create, edit, modify, and delete any element within the project, including scenes, playlists, and media settings.
  • Best For: Project managers, lead content creators.


  • Description: Admins have all the permissions of a Supervisor, plus the ability to manage team members. They can add or remove members and adjust their access levels.
  • Best For: Team leaders, project administrators.


LiveEdit allows you to fine-tune what each member can do within the project by setting specific permissions for different track types. Here’s a quick overview:

  • No Permission: The track is not visible to the user.
  • View: The track is visible but cannot be edited.
  • Edit: The user can make changes to the track content.
  • Manage: The user can edit the track and create new tracks of the same type.
  • Full Permissions: The user has no restrictions and can even delete tracks.


Groups help you manage permissions more efficiently. Instead of setting roles and permissions for each member individually, you can create a group with predefined roles and permissions and then add members to this group. This ensures consistency and saves time.

By understanding these roles and permissions, you can confidently manage your team and projects in LiveEdit. Ready to dive deeper? Check out our detailed guides to become a LiveEdit pro!

Thank you for choosing LiveEdit. We look forward to seeing your creative projects come to life!


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