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LiveEdit Version 11 Release Notes

LiveEdit 11.1.6
Release Date: June 19, 2024

We are excited to announce the release of LiveEdit 11.1.6. This version introduces new features, significant improvements, and fixes to enhance your user experience. Below are the details of this update.

New Features

Timecode 'Chase Lock' Mode:

  • A new “Chase Lock” mode has been added, allowing LiveEdit to stop when the incoming timecode stops. The default behavior, 'Freewheel', where LiveEdit continues playback after incoming timecode is lost, is still available. This setting can be accessed via the Settings panel

Customizable Roles for Cue Tracks:

  • You can now customize the color of roles and rename your roles from the Project Properties.

Multi-Channel Video Recording:

  • LiveEdit now supports up to three Blackmagic HyperDeck recorders, allowing you to record your rehearsal, a multiview, and a wide shot.

Quick Selection for Single/Multiview in LiveEdit:

  • Shift+Click (macOS and Windows): Displays the media in multiview mode.
  • Command+Click (Ctrl+Click on Windows): Displays the media in single view mode.

XML File Import:

  • You can now import the content of a LiveEdit XML file into an existing scene. This is done by clicking on “+” in the toolbar and selecting “Import from file”. These XML files contain all tracks of a scene, allowing seamless integration into your current project.

Review Links:

  • Generate a link from a media contained in a scene to view it online in a browser. It also allows posting feedbacks directly from this link to the Reviews section of the scene.

LiveCapture Recordings with the Shot List:

  • Recorded media now keep track of the shot list at the time of recording. To set this up, you need to route a track to a Switcher M/E to determine the main track.


LiveOSC Protocol:
Enhanced with new commands:

  • A function to toggle between Play and Pause.
  • The ability to move forward or backward by a defined number of frames.


Cue Tracks:

  • It is now possible to have different roles within the same cues track. For example, a cue track named SFX can contain cues with different roles for fire, smoke, and pyrotechnics, allowing for better structuring within a single track.


  • The last selected review is now restored on scene load.
  • Added a select to filter comments marks in the timeline.
  • New 'Copy' action on comments.

Auto-download Media Files (Preferences > Live):

  • This feature no longer downloads all media in the scene automatically. Instead, it downloads the three most recent video media (excluding ISO angles) and the five most recent audio media. ISO angles are considered secondary working media and are not urgently needed, hence their download is left to user discretion. Other media can still be downloaded manually.

Background Tasks:

  • It is now possible to cancel an ongoing task (upload/download/transcoding).

Create PDF / Print:

  • Added a checkbox to show/hide shot descriptions when printing or creating PDFs (shotlist/cue list).

Renamed Track:

  • The 'Switcher' track is now renamed 'Edit' but retains all its functionalities.


  • Improved compatibility with Blackmagic HyperDeck recorders.
  • Fixed the display of media download progress from a HyperDeck.
  • Fixed the “Revert to” > “Browse all versions” feature to allow reverting to an older version of the scene.
  • Various fixes for improving security and performance.

Thank you for using LiveEdit! We hope this update enhances your experience. For any questions or feedback, please contact our support team.