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Understand the LiveEdit workflow

To get you up to speed on the incredible capabilities of LiveEdit, we've outlined the key steps for assembling a project. Following this roadmap will give you a solid grasp of LiveEdit's essential workflow.

Create a Project

Kick off your LiveEdit journey by creating a project. This centralized hub will store your playlists, scenes, media files, and other content. All changes you make are instantly synced to the cloud, keeping your work continuously up-to-date.

Invite Team Members

Invite as many collaborators as you'd like to ensure everyone is on the "same page." Assign individual credentials to maintain both teamwork and security.

Organize Your Show

Structure your project with Playlists and Scenes to organize the many moving parts of your show. A Playlist houses various Scenes, each of which functions as a timeline filled with tracks. These tracks are specialized for distinct tasks, such as Switcher, Effects, Triggers, Media Player Control, Camera Control, Lyrics, and Cues.

Add Media

Incorporate backing audio tracks and visual media like choreographies or content into your project. These elements serve as the foundational material for your scenes.

Edit Your Scene

LiveEdit offers a robust toolkit for crafting every element of your show. Whether you're dealing with camera angles, lighting cues, or even pyrotechnic effects, you can fine-tune each event with frame-level precision thanks to our timecode support.

Share Your Work

Once your project reaches the sharing stage, MyLiveEdit becomes your go-to platform. This centralized hub enables you to distribute media, monitor feedback, and streamline your team’s collaborative efforts.

Rehearse for Perfection

When connected to a LiveEdit Producer system, your timeline executes with pinpoint accuracy, triggering all planned events on your tracks. All rehearsal sessions are automatically recorded and become instantly available for review.

Produce Your Masterpiece

LiveEdit delivers real-time instructions to your entire crew and flawlessly executes all planned events. Sit back and enjoy the show; LiveEdit handles all the heavy lifting.


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