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Create a Project in LiveEdit

A project in LiveEdit serves as a centralized "folder" that holds all your scenes, playlists, and media files. Your journey in LiveEdit begins by either creating a new project or opening an existing one.

The number of projects you can create is determined by your plan. Make sure to consult your plan details for specific limitations. All your projects are automatically synced with the Cloud, making it easier for team collaboration and remote access.

How to Create a New Project

  1. Open LiveEdit and navigate to File > New Project.
  2. In the 'Projects' window, click the "+" button.
  3. Name your project, set your desired frame rate, and specify the number of (cameras you plan to use.
  4. Click Create.

Your new project will appear in the 'Projects' list. To begin working on it, select the project and click Open.

Note on Frame Rate:

UK & Europe: 25 fps (frames per second)
US & Elsewhere:
29.97 fps

How to Open an Existing Project

  1. In LiveEdit, navigate to File > Open Project.
  2. In the 'Projects' window, locate and select the project you wish to open.
  3. Click Open.
Tip: Use the icon next to a project to keep it at the top of your 'Projects' list for quick access. You can pin up to three projects.


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