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Create a Scene

What is a Scene?

A Scene is the heart of LiveEdit. It consists of a timeline filled with various tracks, each dedicated to a specific function—be it switching camera angles, displaying lyrics, or triggering effects. This timeline serves as the creative workspace where you assemble and refine the various elements to build the song's style.

Create a New Scene

  1. Open the Playlist Panel by clicking on its icon located at the top of the sidebar.
  2. Open the Playlist in which you want to create your scene by clicking on it once.
  3. Click the "+ New Scene" button, located at the top left of the Playlist Panel.
  4. Give your new scene a name and click the "OK" button. Your scene is then added to the playlist and will open immediately.

About the 'New Scene' Window

The 'New Scene' window has additional parameters you can specify during the creation process:

  • Name: Typically the song title.
  • Artist: Usually the artist or band name.
  • Number: The scene's position in the running order. Also useful for versioning (e.g., 14A, 14B).
  • Status: Displayed as a color outline around the scene number.
  • Starting Timecode: The timecode generated by the scene.
  • Duration: scene duration.
  • Timecode Chase: If the scene will be mastered by an external timecode.

Modify Scene Properties

You can modify the scene's properties by clicking on the arrow located in the top bar that appears when you hover over the scene.

Tip: Save time by defining your new scene settings directly in the project properties!


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