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Shot numbering

What is Shot Numbering?

In LiveEdit, you'll frequently add, change, or delete shots on your Switcher track. But despite these ongoing adjustments, each shot maintains a consistent number. This unique number serves as an easy-to-identify label that remains the same throughout the editing process, aiding in review sessions.

The Concept of Shot Numbering in LiveEdit

Whenever you insert shots into a Switcher track, LiveEdit automatically assigns each one a unique number. This number is displayed in the track, in the Waterfall, on the PDF shot list, and on tablets. It serves as a stable reference for easy discussion about any necessary changes or improvements.

LiveEdit offers two modes for numbering shots:

  • Automatic: In this mode, LiveEdit takes care of numbering shots for you, automatically adjusting the sequence as you add or remove shots.
  • Manual: If you prefer, you can manually set each shot number for greater control.

Automatic Mode

In Automatic mode, LiveEdit handles the numbering for you, using a straightforward sequence:

  • First shot: 1
  • Second shot: 2
  • Third shot: 3
  • Fourth shot: 4
  • Fifth shot: 5
  • And so on...

As you insert new shots, LiveEdit will automatically continue this numerical sequence.

Adding a New Shot in Automatic Mode

When you insert a new shot between two existing ones, LiveEdit automatically assigns it a letter to differentiate it.

Example: If you insert a new shot between shots 3 and 4, it becomes 3A. The original shot 4 remains as shot 4.

Deleting a Shot in Automatic Mode

When you delete a shot, its number is removed, but the numbering of subsequent shots remains unchanged.

Example: If you delete shot 3, the sequence will go from shot 2 directly to shot 4, as shot 3 is no longer in the timeline.

Continuous Shots in Automatic Mode

For continuous shots from the same source, LiveEdit uses letters to identify each distinct movement or step.

Example: If you have multiple movements with a steadicam, each new shot from that camera will be labeled as A, B, C, etc., allowing you to break down the continuous shot into smaller segments.

Manual mode

In Manual Mode, LiveEdit won't automatically number the shots; you'll have to do it yourself. This gives you full control over the numbering sequence for your project.

Set a Shot as the Starting Point for Numbering

You can designate a particular shot as the starting point for the numbering sequence:

  1. Right-click on the shot from which you want to begin numbering.
  2. Select "Numbering from this shot."
  3. LiveEdit will automatically renumber the shot list beginning with the selected shot.

Customize the Starting Number

In some cases, a director may want the shot numbering to start from a different number, such as 21 instead of 1. LiveEdit allows you to easily set this up:

  1. Go to the menu bar and navigate to Modify > Shot Numbering...
  2. Locate the field labeled "Count From" and enter your desired starting number.
  3. Click "OK."

What is "Exclude Internal Sources"?

Inserting a Black or an M/E as a source on the track creates a clip. If you don't want a black, white, or other internal mixer source to be considered a shot, select Exclude Internal Sources. LiveEdit will not set a shot number for them.


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