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Media Player Control Track

A media server allows playing video and audio files, which can then be used as sources for your show.

A Media Player Control track lets you control as many media servers as needed, connected to the Producer. The Producer Max standardly includes 2 MediaPlayer channels (each with fill & key).

Adding a Media Player Control Track

To add a new Media Player control track, follow these steps:

  1. Click the “+” in the Toolbar and select New Track…
    Or, in the menu bar, go to Track > New Track…
    Or use the keyboard shortcut command-N.
  2. The dialogue box to create a new track will appear.
  3. In the track type, select Media Player Control.
  4. "Route to" allows you to assign the track to control an existing Media Player source in LiveEdit. If you do not know the source or if it is not yet created, select Ignore.
  5. Click OK to validate.
    The new track appears in the timeline.

A new track always appears below the last existing track of the same type. You can create as many tracks of the same type as you wish without restriction.

In the Feature Navigator -located within the Inspector-, you will find all the actions available for a Media Player Control track.


Play Command

Triggers the playback of the currently loaded clip in the channel. The default playback speed is 100%. To add this command, position yourself on the timeline where you want to add it and click the corresponding button. The command appears on the timeline with the playback speed and timecode indicated.

To change the playback speed, double-click on the command in the timeline, enter the desired speed, and press Enter to validate. Speeds are limited to +/- 500%.

Pause Command

Pauses the media playback. Follow a similar procedure to the Play command to add it.

Fast Backward

Quick return to the beginning of the clip.

Fast Forward

Fast forward to the end of the clip.

Go to Timecode

Accesses a specific position in the clip. To add this command, follow similar steps as mentioned above.

Load Clip

Loads a clip onto the media player. To modify the name of the clip, double-click on the Load Clip command in the timeline.


Unloads the current clip.

Routing a Media Player Control Track

For the commands to be active, you must route your track to a Media Player source in your project.

  1. Double-click on the head of the track or right-click and select Edit…
  2. In the editing window, choose your Media Player source from the Route to dropdown list.
  3. Press Enter to validate or click OK.


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