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Sony MVS/DVS Protocol

The Sony MVS/DVS protocol is the standard for Sony mixers, supported by all mixers in the MVS & DVS series.

Mixer Connection

The connection between the Production Server and the mixer is established through a serial connection that complies with the RS-422 standard. Connect to one of the Remote ports located on the switcher frame.

Tip: There are two menus to check on the Sony switcher. On Page 3211, ensure that the Remote port you are using is activated. Also, verify on Page 7337.1 that the remote port is assigned to Editor A.


The first 64 sources of the Main Table are accessible from 1 to 64 in LiveEdit.

The Main Table acts as an "internal patch" within the mixer. The Video/Key #1 pair in the Main Table does not necessarily correspond to video source 1 (the physical BNC). It is possible to use the Main Table to assign a source whose physical input in the mixer is numbered above 64, making it accessible.

Internal sources available in LiveEdit

  • Black
  • Background Colour 1, Background Colour 2
  • Frame Memory 1, Frame Memory 2
  • Out 1 from M/E 1, M/E 2, M/E 3, and P/P as an M/E Main source
  • Out 3 from M/E 1, M/E 2, M/E 3, and P/P as an M/E Sub source
Warning: White is not available as a source in this protocol, so please use a Background Colour instead.


  • M/E 1, M/E 2, M/E 3, P/P
  • Background A, B, Util 2
  • Keyer 1 to Keyer 4
  • Aux 1 to Aux 15

Background Transition

  • Cut
  • Mix
  • Wipe
  • NAM
  • Super Mix
  • Dip
  • DME Wipe

Keyer Transition

  • Cut on Key 1 to Key 4 on all the M/Es

Keyer Fill Mode

  • Video or Matte


  • Recall of snapshots on M/E 1, M/E 2, M/E 3, and P/P
Warning: Effect Dissolve is not supported

Timeline (Effect)

  • Recall of timeline/effects on all the M/Es, P/P, User 1 to 8.
  • Run
  • Stop
  • Rewind to top

Functions NOT supported with this protocol

  • Macros
  • Key Resizer
  • Key Crop
  • Key Border
  • Key Defocus
  • Colour Correction


Sony MVS-8000 Protocol