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Markers in LiveEdit

Markers in LiveEdit are powerful tools that help you manage and navigate your project timeline with ease. Whether you're marking key moments during editing or live playback, markers can significantly enhance your workflow. This tutorial will guide you through the basics of using Bookmark Markers and Task Markers in LiveEdit.

What Are Markers?

Markers are reference points that you can place anywhere on your timeline. They help you highlight specific spots, making it easier to navigate and manage your timeline. You can insert markers during both editing and live playback.

Types of Markers

  1. Bookmark Markers: These are your standard markers, used to highlight and return to key points in your timeline.
  2. Task Markers: These are advanced markers that trigger specific actions or tasks within your timeline.

Inserting a Bookmark Marker

Method 1: Using the Toolbar

  1. Locate the Marker Icon: Find the Marker icon on the left side of the toolbar.
  2. Click the Marker Icon: Click to place a Bookmark Marker at the current timecode on the timeline.

Method 2: Using Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Press M: Simply press the M key on your keyboard.
  2. Marker Placed: A Bookmark Marker will be placed at the current timecode on the timeline.

Once inserted, a marker appears as a purple marker on the timeline ruler.

Navigating Between Markers

You can quickly move between markers using the function keys on your keyboard:

  • F7: Jump to the previous marker.
  • F9: Jump to the next marker.

These keys are often symbolised as the media ⏪️ and ⏩️ buttons on your keyboard.

Renaming a Marker

Renaming a marker is straightforward:

  1. Double-Click: Double-click on the marker you wish to rename.
  2. Enter New Name: Type the new name for the marker.

Task Markers

Markers in LiveEdit can also be transformed into Task Markers, which allow you to perform specific functions within the timeline, such as triggering a recording or loading the next scene.

Available Tasks for Task Markers

Here are the tasks you can assign to Task Markers:

  1. Start Record: Start video recording at a specific point in the timeline.
  2. Stop Record: Stop video recording.
  3. Variable Play: Modulate the playback speed of the timeline.
  4. Still: Stop the playback of the timeline.
  5. Go to Start: Return to the start point of the timeline.
  6. Go to Timecode: Jump to a specific timecode in the timeline.
  7. Go to Marker: Jump to a marker present in the timeline.
  8. Go to Previous Scene: Load the previous scene.
  9. Go to Next Scene: Load the next scene.

Inserting a Task Marker

  1. Insert a Bookmark Marker: Follow the steps to insert a Bookmark Marker.
  2. Double-Click the Marker: Double-click on the marker to open the marker settings.
  3. Select Task Marker Mode: Choose the Task Marker mode.
  4. Choose a Task: From the dropdown list, select the desired task (e.g., Start Record).


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