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Linking Cues

In LiveEdit, a scene is a timeline with multiple tracks (Edit, lights, special effects, cues, etc.). Linking cues simplifies the adjustment of events affecting multiple cues across different tracks, helping efficiently manage and synchronize timeline elements.

Linking Cues

  1. Select the cues: Open your scene in LiveEdit. Click on the cues you want to group while holding the Command key (or Ctrl on Windows).
  2. Set the master cue: Right-click the cue to be the master and select "Link" from the context menu. The selected cues are now linked and controlled by the master.
  3. Identify linked cues: Linked cues have a yellow outline indicating they are controlled by a master cue. Moving the master cue moves all linked cues identically.
Tip: Linked cues can still be moved independently to add offsets while remaining linked.

Unlinking Cues

Right-click the master cue and select "Unlink" to break the link.