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Connect to a Blackmagic ATEM switcher

In order to offer the best of LiveEdit with a BlackMagic Design ATEM switcher, it is strongly recommended to connect in IP with the switcher. It is an easy setup and offers a full connectivity with the ATEM switcher.


There is nothing to setup on the switcher. The only information you need about the switcher is its IP address (the network address of the ATEM frame, not the panel).

To get this information, the easiest way is to use the ATEM Setup software provided by Blackmagic.

  • Launch the ATEM Setup software and press the Properties button.Screenshot_2022-07-08_at_14.31.53.png
  • The IP Address is displayed on the Network parametersScreenshot_2022-07-08_at_14.32.01.png

On the LiveEdit Producer :

With a computer connected on the same network as the Producer unit, type on a browser the IP address of the Producer unit or its hostname like “http://producer-xxxxxx” in order to access the Producer Web UI.

  • Select the Switcher tab which is on the left column

  • Set the settings as :

    • Control Method : IP

    • Protocol : Blackmagic Design

    • Model : ATEM

    • IP Address : the ATEM switcher IP address

    • Crosspoint offset : 0

ImportantAsk your EIC if the switcher network has a DHCP or not and check if your network settings are correct on the Producer Web UI. Select the Network category and click on the ethernet interface you use for the switcher connection. Set it as DHCP or Static and don’t forget to Apply


Good to know : On a Producer Lite, you can use LAN 1 or LAN 2 for connecting to the switcher. On a Producer Max you have to use the Switcher Control ethernet port.


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