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Switcher Track

The Switcher Track in LiveEdit enables you to assemble your video montage by arranging a sequence of shots along a chronological timeline. Similar to traditional editing software, you can populate the track with shots sourced from available cameras or media, all in the order you desire.

Where are the sources I can use ?

To access the sources for your Switcher Track, navigate to the Inspector panel on the left-hand side of the LiveEdit interface. At the bottom of the Inspector, you'll find a section called 'Browser.' Within the Browser, sources are represented as buttons that you can click to insert into your Switcher Track."

Add a Shot to the Switcher Track

To insert a new shot into your Switcher Track, simply click on a source from the 'Browser' at the bottom of the Inspector panel. The new shot will appear in the track at the position of the playhead.

LiveEdit offers a quick way to insert shots using keyboard shortcuts. Press keys 1 to 0 to add sources numbered 1 to 10. For sources numbered 11 to 20, use Shift+1 to Shift+0.

Each shot on the track shows the following information:

  1. Source: Indicates the origin of the shot (e.g., Camera 1, Camera 2, etc.).
  2. Shot Description: Briefly describes what the shot is about or what it captures.
  3. Shot Duration: Shows the length of the shot in terms of time.
  4. Transition Type: Specifies the kind of transition used when moving from one shot to the next (e.g., Cut, Mix, Wipe, etc.).
  5. Shot Start: Indicates the starting time of the shot within the overall timeline.
  6. Shot Number: A unique number assigned to the shot for easy identification.
  7. Comment: Any additional notes or comments regarding the shot.
  8. Personal Notes: Space for individual notes that may be helpful during editing or review.

Trimming Shots

Trimming means adjusting the length of a shot by modifying its start (In point) and/or end (Out point). Here's how you can do it in LiveEdit:

Trim action:

  1. Place the Playhead: Move the playhead on the timeline to where you want to adjust a shot's start or end.
  2. Press T: Hit the "T" key to automatically trim the shot to the playhead's current position.

Note: LiveEdit will automatically adjust either the In or Out point based on the playhead's position relative to the shot.

Manual Trim

  1. Hover Over Shot Edges: Move your cursor to either the beginning or the end of the shot in the timeline. The cursor will change to a trim icon.
  2. Drag to Adjust: Click and drag to adjust the In or Out point manually.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Trim In: Press the "i" key to trim at the In point.
  • Trim Out: Press the "o" key to trim at the Out point.

Edit Shot Information

To easily edit a shot's details, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Popover: Double-click on the desired shot in the Switcher Track, or select it and hit 'Enter'. This opens a floating window next to the shot.
  2. Edit Fields: Inside this popover, you have various options:
  • Source: Choose the source of the shot.
  • Description: Add a brief description.
  • Transition Settings: Select a transition type.
  • Comment: Add any comments about the shot.
  • Notes: Include personal notes.
  • Number: View the shot's current number.
Tip: To select the shot currently under the playhead, press "H". Once selected, hit 'Enter' to bring up the popover.

Quickly Change Shot Source

To swiftly change the source of a specific shot, you have two options: use the shot editor window or utilize a keyboard shortcut.

Using the Shot Editor Window:

  1. Double-click on the shot source displayed on the shot within the Switcher Track.
  2. The shot editor window will open, with the source drop-down menu already active.
  3. Select your desired source from the drop-down list.
  4. Press 'Enter' to confirm your changes.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts:

You can also use the following handy hotkey to change the source of the selected shot: Alt + [Source Number].

Example: To change the source of the shot under the playhead to Source 3, press Alt + 3.

Both of these methods enable you to quickly change shot sources without navigating through multiple fields or menus.

Edit Shot Description Quickly

To swiftly update the description of a specific shot, double-click directly on the description displayed on the shot in the Switcher Track. This will open the shot editor window with the description input field already selected, allowing you immediate access to edit.


  1. Double-click on the shot description displayed on the shot within the Switcher Track.
  2. The shot editor window will open, with the cursor already in the description field.
  3. Simply type or edit the description.
  4. Press 'Enter' to confirm your changes.

This method enables you to quickly edit shot descriptions without navigating through multiple fields or menus.

Working with Shot Transitions in LiveEdit

Selecting a Transition Type

  1. Double-click the Transition symbol in the shot located on the track to open the shot editor window.
  2. Choose a transition type from the Transition Type drop-down list.
  3. Press the Enter key to confirm.

You can also use the hotkey Alt + T to quickly change the transition type for the shot below the playhead.

Transition Types

  • Cut: Instant transition, no duration needed.
  • Mix: Fades out the first shot while fading in the next.
  • Wipe: Uses a predetermined pattern to transition.
  • DME Wipe: Similar to Wipe, but with a DME Effect.
  • Full Additive Mix: A brighter version of Mix.
  • Non Additive Mix: A luminance-analyzed version of Mix.
  • Dip: Inserts a matte during the transition.
  • Ignore: Keeps the shot on the track but ignores it during playback.

Tip: The Ignore option is useful for keeping a shot on the track without it affecting the video mixer.

Setting Transition Duration

  1. Double-click the Transition Duration field on the shot located in the track.
  2. Enter the duration in SS:FF format.
  3. Press the Enter key to confirm.

Quick Tips for Duration:

  • You can visually adjust the transition duration by dragging the white dot atop the transition bar in the track.
  • Use the hotkey Alt + T to quickly adjust the transition duration at the playhead's position.

Tip: Click and drag horizontally on the duration field in the popover to adjust the value.

Working with Shot Comments in LiveEdit

Adding a Comment to a Shot

  1. Double-click the Comment field on the shot in the track to open the shot editor window with the comment input field already selected.
  2. Type your comment.
  3. Press the Enter key to confirm.

Tips for Using Comments

  • Comments are visible on tablets and marked with a 📌 symbol.
  • They are helpful for communicating important changes or directions to camera operators.
Tip: To remove all comments at once, navigate to Modify in the Menu Bar and select Delete All Comments.


You can add a Note on a shot that will only be visible in your LiveEdit account. These notes are personal and visible to you only.

  1. Double-click Note in the shot on the track.
  2. Type your note.
  3. Press Enter key to confirm.
Tip: Your notes appear in LiveEdit's Waterfall next to the shot descriptions.

The Switcher track in the Inspector

The Info section of the Inspector allows you to view the properties of the shot currently selected on the timeline. Just like in the popover, you can modify its properties here.

Very practical, above and below the shot are indicated the durations between the previous and following shots of the same source.

Tip: You can jump in the timeline directly by clicking on the previous shot and next shot.

The Track Properties displays the name of the track, assignment to the mixer and the number of shots in the track

The Index section displays the list of clips contained in the track.
You can sort the list by:

  • All - shows all plans
  • Auto - Shows clips from the currently selected source
  • Source - Shows plans from a specific source

Clicking on a clip triggers the timeline jump.
The source currently on air is highlighted in red.

Shot Replacement

The Shot Replacement feature allows you to replace all shots from one source with another source. You can perform these overrides/reversals on a single track or on all tracks in the current scene.

  1. From the Menu Bar, click Modify > Shot Replacement
  2. Choose whether you want this to apply to only the currently active Switcher track or all Switcher tracks in the scene
  3. Select the source to replace
  4. Choose the source to be used to replace the previous one
  5. If you just want to swap sources, click Swap Sources
  6. Click OK to confirm.

This is a very practical feature in the event of a camera failure to replace one source with another.

Tip: Shot Replacement works also during Live mode

Route to Switcher

To execute the shots from a Switcher track to the video mixer, you need to assign your track. LiveEdit allows you to route a Switcher track to the following destinations:

  • P/P, M/E 1 to M/E 5
  • Aux 1 to Aux 96
  • M/E buses
  • Background buses A, B, C, D
  • Utility buses 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Key buses 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

To sum up: you have access to everything!

To assign your track to the video mixer:

  1. Double-click the Switcher track header.
  2. Select the mixer resource you want to assign to the Switcher track.
  3. Press Enter key to confirm.
  4. The destination appears in the header of the track.


Look at the Camera!

If you want to tell your artist that they should watch a specific camera at a certain time, you can indicate this in the plan by displaying a 👀 next to the Description.R

To assign the 👀 to a shot:

  1. Right-Click on the shot.
  2. Select the 👀 from the context menu.
  3. It appears in the shot.

The symbol will also be printed on shot lists.


If you want to reserve places on the track or just define plans without knowing what will be the source, you can use the Empty Cue. He acts as a placeholder and reserves the space on the track.

To insert an Empty Cue on the track at a desired position, press the “N” key.
You can also click on the Menu Bar on Modify > New Empty Cue


Shot numbering